October 16, 2019

Registration Attendance at: Scientific and technical exhibition of innovative products of Belneftekhim concern enterprises and organizations participating in the forumMuseum of the history of the University and of the exhibition of scientific and technical developments of the UniversityLaboratories and research centers of the University
1000-1300 Contest of innovative research projects of young scientists
1400-1700 Round table for investment funding with the involvement of banks and financial institutions Brokerage event for research projects and investment proposals

October 17, 2019

900-1000 Registration

1000-1300 Speeches of guests and participants of the forum
  Awarding of the winners of the competition of innovative projects of young scientists
1300-1400 Lunch
1400-1700 Plenary reports
1800 Welcome reception

October 18, 2019

830-900 Registration
900-1300 Session I. Prospects, development strategy and new technologies of chemical and petrochemical industries. Investment project. Environmental problems and their solutions
900-1300 Session II. Polymer composite materials. Advanced technologies and equipment for manufacturing of composite-based materials
1400-1700 Session III. Digital technology and automation.  Instrumentation of processes. Improved energy efficiency of heat exchange equipment of the chemical industry
1400-1700 Section IV. Topical issues of personnel training for chemical and petrochemical enterprises (specialty, master’s, postgraduate, training and retraining)