Topic of Belorusneft’s speeches

Topic of Belorusneft’s speeches

Topic of Belorusneft's speeches

Reports about  chemical methods using in the extraction of oil of Belarusian oil fields will be made at the International scientific technical conference “Current State and Development Prospects of Chemical and Petrochemical Complex” by the delegates of RUE “Production Association “Belorusneft”.

The reports will focus on the following issues:

application of chemical methods for the control of salt and asphalt-resin-paraffin formation in oil development;

acid impacts on the heterogeneous carbonate reservoirs (acid treatment with oil-acid emulsion, aerated by nitrogen acid composition, self-deviating acid composition, intensification technology with advanced insulation);

enhanced oil recovery compositions (polymer systems, solutions with methylcellulose, compositions based on sodium hydrosilicate, aqueous dispersion of oil sludge).